Day 0

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Today is the launch of the website and the public unveiling of Orbital Illumination. I’ve been talking about it for a year. It’s great to finally take the first steps.

It’s a big idea. Really big. Particularly big for an artist. But I’ve got faith that others will see the vision, and soon we will have a team.

As I see it the biggest challenge today is that it might be physically impossible to achieve the optics. I think once we have an optical solution all the other technologies and services we need will be just around the corner, eg the steering control, the launch flexibility. Just in a year I’ve already seen huge advances being brought to the table in the microsatellite field.

The other thing I’ve noticed these past 12 months is that everyone in this industry seems to have a little bit of dreamer in them. It’s intimidating to be an artist asking for the attention of scientists and engineers but when you see that spark you know you have something in common.


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